Chaplain's Chat

Chaplain’s Chat

Dear Treeby families

My name is Coral Atkins. I will be providing Chaplaincy Services and pastoral care every Tuesday and Friday.

It’s so exciting to be starting at Treeby Primary School. I trust that families feel welcomed and are enjoying everything this school has to offer. It’s wonderful to see the progress that has been made and the ongoing development.

A big part of my role is to build relationships with the whole school community, including students, families and staff. I can meet with the community individually and in groups. I can provide support in the following areas:

- peer skills, communication skills and problem solving,

- self-esteem, self-regulation, resilience and self-care,

- hardship and food insecurity,

- significant changes in personal circumstances, family breakdown, grief and loss.

I can also run clubs, activities and programs aimed at helping students develop social and emotional skills.

If you would like more information regarding the School Chaplaincy service, please leave a message for me with the admin office or email: . Alternatively, you can contact our Principal, Jane Wescott.

(If you would like to opt out of the Chaplaincy service, please go to the admin office to complete the ‘Chaplaincy Opt-Out’ form.)

Wednesday is Faction Shirt Day

Every Wednesday, students are invited to wear their Faction shirts to colour our school!

(Normal school shirts are worn the remaining days of the week.)

Official School Opening2 Mar 2022 - 2 Mar 2022

Join the Hon Sue Ellery, Minister for Education, in officially opening Treeby Primary School.

School Open Day28 Jan 2022 - 28 Jan 2022

Come along to our School Open Day!

Get to know YOUR school, meet YOUR teachers, explore YOUR classrooms, visit YOUR library, and get a first look around the school.

Food, fun and activities are also planned.

*please remember to follow all WA government Covid requirements, including mask wearing for applicable people when indoors.

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