Welcome to our School

Located in the suburb of Treeby, Treeby Primary School is an Independent Public School that welcomes children from Kindergarten to Year Six. Our school is a strong, collaborative and inspiring community, that celebrates inclusivity, respect and belonging.

Our school will: 

  • Cultivate a vibrant and connected community, where everyone feels welcome and knows that they belong;
  • Deliver an unrelenting focus on academic excellence and high quality teaching, that caters for the needs of every child and maximises their future pathways;
  • Establish and positively promote high expectations for social, emotional and behavioural skills that underpin student success;
  • Nurture strong, meaningful and respectful relationships; focused on care, support, integrity and gratitude;
  • Commit to the importance of ‘student voice’ that inspires and engages every child;
  • Ensure that students have the skills and mindset they need to be active, socially responsible and resilient citizens, both now and into the future;
  • Celebrate diversity and uphold a deep commitment to the uniqueness of every child.

At our school, all children will be encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions within a safe and inclusive learning environment. Through this, students will dream positively about their futures, connect their passions to their learning and be provided with the opportunities and resources they need to reflect on and reach their goals.

We are excited to work together in 'Growing Precious Minds'.