About Treeby Primary School

Connection, Belonging & Culture

Every child will learn and reach their full potential, when they are supported by adults who care for them, when they are connected to each other and when there is a deep sense of belonging to our school and community. As adults, it is our privilege to work together and act on our potential to make a positive difference to our students, every day. Our school community is proudly united in the belief that we are better when we are together and when our decision making has students at its centre.  

Through social and emotional learning, every child will develop the skills they need to build positive relationships, develop resilience and understand that challenges are inherent when learning new skills and concepts. At our school, all children will be encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions within a safe and inclusive learning environment. Through this, students will dream positively about their futures, connect their passions to their learning and be provided with the opportunities and resources they need to reflect on and reach their goals.

Creative, Sustainable & Innovative Learning

Through a lens of inquiry, we will meet students’ potential and engage them in learning that is connected to life. Up to date learning resources and embedded science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) will increase students’ aspirations, participation and achievement of enterprise skills. These will be aligned to the ‘hidden curriculum’ which are powerful predictors of long term job success. These skills include: 

  • problem solving;
  • critical thinking;
  • digital literacy;
  • communication;
  • creativity;
  • innovation.

We will develop innovative partnerships with our parents and wider community to create learning opportunities and pathways to success.

Inquiry Based Play

As a school we will be focused on the ‘whole child’ and recognise that highly effective teachers use children’s natural curiosity as the spark to plan and implement engaging learning opportunities. Our students’ interests, ideas and questions will guide the development of a balanced curriculum that values structured learning, explicit teaching and planned, purposeful play. This play will be based on the AVID inquiry model which connects real life learning to curriculum goals. Inquiry based play at our school will include: 

  • Building strong skills in problem solving;
  • Connecting curriculum areas through real life complex challenges and investigations;
  • Providing access and relevance in the robust use of technology;
  • Nurturing understanding in both the sciences and humanities;
  • Creating print rich environments to foster future student learning and reflection;
  • Growing self motivated students who confidently and creatively respond to challenges.