At Treeby Primary School we are fortunate to have many parking bays for use by our school community. Parents living close by the school are encouraged to walk or cycle to school, which will ease traffic congestion at peak times.

If you do need to drive to school, please travel around the school in an anti clockwise direction, being mindful of the school zone speed limit.

Our school has Kiss and Drive bays in the carpark near the basketball courts on Sapphire Drive, which is supervised by a member of staff for before and after school. Parents can stop briefly in the Kiss and Drive bays to drop off and pick up their child/children, when safe to do so. To support safety, these bays cannot be used for parking.

Similarly, under no circumstances are parents to park on road verges or block access for local residents, as this poses serious safety concerns for pedestrians and doesn’t model the respect that Treeby Primary School is founded on. Please note that parents are not permitted to park in the staff parking area.

ACROD permit holders and winners of the Privileged Parent Parking raffle, conducted by the P&C, may park in the designated areas provided.