Mobile Phones & Smart Watches

The Department of Education’s Student Mobile Phones in Public Schools policy bans students from using mobile devices from the time they enter school grounds to the conclusion of the school day. This includes smart watches and listening accessories, such as headphones and earbuds.  As such, children bringing mobile phones and other devices to school is discouraged. If parents decide to provide a mobile phone or device to their children for use on the way to and from school, then the following conditions must be adhered to:

  • All mobile devices, including phones and watches, are to be turned off and placed in the student’s bag or pocket before they enter the school grounds;
  • All mobile devices, including phones and watches are to be signed into the office until the students collect them at the end of the day;
  • School staff will not be responsible for collecting or storing mobile phones throughout the school day;
  • The school has no liability should your child’s mobile phone be lost or stolen;
  • If a child has their mobile device switched on or visible at school then it will be confiscated and consequences aligned to the Behaviour Policy will apply. The child’s parent will be contacted and a parent will be required to come to the school and collect the mobile device.