Allergy & Anaphylactic Aware

As an allergy and anaphylactic aware school, we aim to build awareness about the risks of allergies, and develop a shared commitment to keeping our school community safe. Many allergies, including nut and egg allergies, can be life threatening for children and adults. Other allergies and auto immune diseases, such as Coeliac Disease, can have chronic long term impacts that are detrimental to health if not managed effectively. As such, we ask that parents reinforce to their children not to share food with other students and to always wash their hands before and after eating. We also ask that parents avoid sending children to school with nut and egg based products, as even the smell of them can result in anaphylaxis in some people.

For special occasions, such as birthdays or multicultural events, where food is being brought in to share with others, please ensure that labelling of all ingredients is included. Parents of children with allergies may choose to send a treat or snack into school for their child to eat during such times, which their teacher can store for them. This is of particular importance if children are not yet able to self manage their allergy.

If parents wish to bring food into school to celebrate a birthday, please ensure that these are individual items eg. cupcakes, as we are not able to cut up whole cakes.

All allergies and auto immune diseases must be stated on the school’s paperwork and shared with the administration office.