Rights & Responsibilities


Students have the RIGHT to:

  • Learn in a purposeful and supportive environment;
  • Work and play in a safe, secure, friendly and clean environment;
  • Respect, courtesy and consideration;
  • Engage in developmentally appropriate learning opportunities throughout the day.

Students have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Ensure that their behaviour is not disruptive to the learning of others;
  • Ensure that the school environment is kept organised, tidy and secure;
  • Ensure that they are punctual, polite, prepared and display a positive manner;
  • Behave in a way that protects the safety and wellbeing of others.



Staff have the RIGHT to:

  • Respect, courtesy, honesty and consideration;
  • Teach in a safe, secure and clean environment;
  • Teach in a purposeful and non disruptive environment;
  • Cooperation and support from parents and students.

Staff have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Model respectful, courteous and honest behaviour;
  • Ensure that the school environment is kept organised, tidy and secure;
  • Establish positive relationships with students and parents;
  • Ensure good organisation and planning (linked to a Plan, Teach, Assess cycle);
  • Report student progress to students and parents;
  • Communicate regularly with parents/caregivers;
  • Report student concerns;
  • Teach social competencies and strategies to prevent bullying;
  • Reflect on teaching and adjust accordingly;
  • Be responsive and provide an engaging learning environment and educative tasks that are appropriate to the individual needs of children.



Parents have the RIGHT to:

  • Be informed of their child’s progress, decisions regarding their child’s behaviour and the support provided to reinforce appropriate behaviour;
  • Access a meaningful and differentiated education for their child;
  • Be heard in an appropriate forum on matters related to the rights of their child.

Parents have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Ensure that their child attends  school punctually;
  • Ensure that the physical and emotional condition of their child is at an optimum for effective learning;
  • Ensure that their child is provided with appropriate materials to make effective use of the learning environment;
  • Support the school in providing a meaningful and differentiated education for their child;
  • Support the school in preventing bullying, harassment and discrimination, including online.

In the event of severely inappropriate behaviour, resulting in out of class removal, parents/carers have the responsibility to:

  • Provide support and encouragement to complete any work missed as a result of the behaviour;
  • Contact the school and discuss the situation with the class teacher. (Note: occasional inappropriate behaviour is not a cause for concern; however consistent or repeated misbehaviour requires a team approach to address);
  • Make arrangements (if necessary) to collect their child from school when required;
  • Attend a meeting when requested, with Administration/Teacher and their child, to assist in resolving their child’s inappropriate behaviour.