Childrens Property

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with your children’s name (especially school jumpers and raincoats). If children accidentally bring home items that do not belong to them, please return them to the school the following day.

Our school has lots of play and sport equipment for students to enjoy. Please keep all personal toys or sports equipment at home.

The school is not able to accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged jewellery and other personal items, including toys, sports equipment and mobile devices brought to school.

To support the safety of all students, the following items are not permitted on school grounds:

  • electronic games;
  • chewing gum;
  • water bombs;
  • toys, including toy weapons;
  • laser pointers or similar objects.

Similarly, money should not be brought to school unless it is for school sponsored fundraising events.

    Lost Property

    Lost property can be found in the tub located at the rear of the administration building. Smaller or valuable items are held at the administration office.