Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Treeby Primary School. As an Independent Public School we truly believe that every child will learn and reach their full potential, when they are supported by adults who care for them, when they are connected to each other and when there is a deep sense of belonging to our school and community.

Our school will: 

  • Cultivate a vibrant and connected community, where everyone feels welcome and knows that they belong; 
  • Deliver an unrelenting focus on academic excellence and high quality teaching, that caters for the needs of every child and maximises their future pathways;
  • Establish and positively promote high expectations for social, emotional and behavioural skills that underpin student success;
  • Nurture strong, meaningful and respectful relationships; focused on care, support, integrity and gratitude;
  • Commit to the importance of ‘student voice’ that inspires and engages every child;
  • Ensure that students have the skills and mindset they need to be active, socially responsible and resilient citizens, both now and into the future;
  • Celebrate diversity and uphold a deep commitment to the uniqueness of every child.

It is our absolute privilege to work together and act on our potential to make a positive difference to our students. Our school community is proudly united in the belief that we are better when we are together, and when our decision making has students at its centre. Through social and emotional learning, every child will develop the skills they need to build positive relationships, develop resilience and understand that challenges are an important part of learning new skills and concepts.

Treeby Primary School caters for children from early childhood education to Year 6. Our motto of ‘Growing Precious Minds’ encompasses our strong culture focused on high expectations, academic excellence and ensuring that all children have the skills needed to be active and resilient citizens.

We offer a wide range of onsite services including community health nurse, school psychologist and referrals to outside agencies. In addition, we have an out of school hours provider who cares for students before and after school, as well as during vacation times. We are also fortunate to host a school dental clinic, which is located next to the Administration Building.

We foster a positive environment where emphasis is placed upon mutual respect, positive communication and success for everyone. Adults and children are valued for their unique individual qualities and contributions as we all work together and remain committed to 'Growing Precious Minds'.  

Kind regards

Jane Wescott